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We need to gather some basic data on your house. At the end, we will give you a ballpark price to paint your room based on the information you gave us. If you would like for us to come and give you a firm price and a professional assessment, you can fill out a request form at the end.

Room Name: Wall to be painted Room Width: Room Lenght: Ceiling Hight:

Enter the length in feet for each side of your room and specify which sides you would like painted. For irregular shaped rooms, enter the overall dimensions: (We will need all measurements to complete the estimate even if you do not want any or all sides painted)


Kitchen Cupboards; Staircases, Built-in wall units, fireplaces.

You can enter any notes on the estimate here for your own records. We do not read or respond to questions here. If you have specific questions you want answered go to our contact page
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